CD back cover Six Billion Suns

CD back cover Sky

The stars, they are so beautiful.  They lure you into they’re space, take you to another place.  Impossible to comprehend and yet they lead us to a known land.

After spending several life times playing rock in eastern Canada John Nemy headed to the west coast for the mountains and the sea and unknowingly, the stars.

A visit to the Maclaughlin Planetarium in Toronto in 1989 really blow me away.  The music at the star show was amazing.  It was so inspiring.  I bought a “cassette tape” by Mychael Dana and played it for the rest of that summer.

Stargazing from high altitude campsites in the Coastal Mountains around Whistler, BC was the final catalyst.  I started to poke away at making space music.  I am not an accomplished musician I just try my best at turning cosmic inspiration into some kind of art.

john nemy